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Image for Anti-cancer stem cells

Anti-cancer stem cells

A new stem cell technique lays promising pathways for a successful cancer treatment.

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Image for Connections between brain and behaviour

Connections between brain and behaviour

New techniques allow us to intervene in brain function, and reveal exciting revelations about human behaviour. 

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Image for Promoting world health

Promoting world health

The World Health Organization could have a major impact on global health by taking a stand on alcohol abuse.

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Image for The principle of particle acceleration

The principle of particle acceleration

Revolutionising cancer therapies...with particle physics.

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Image for Genetic technologies & human transformation

Genetic technologies & human transformation

It is likely that it will be possible to genetically alter humans in the future. What does that mean for humanity?

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Image for Vaccine successes and shortcomings

Vaccine successes and shortcomings

Successful vaccines are as much about transport and delivery as design and development.

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Image for By birds or mosquitoes?

By birds or mosquitoes?

New study of West Nile Virus suggests birds could be responsible for long distance spread.

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Image for New insight on statins

New insight on statins

Cholesterol lowering drugs known as ‘statins’ may not be able to prevent blood clots, as previously thought.

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Image for Fly tipping

Fly tipping

Fruit fly brains are providing vital clues to the functioning of the brains of mammals, with surprising similarities.

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Image for Benefits of early treatment

Benefits of early treatment

A major clinical trial shows early HIV treatment could slow disease progression.

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