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"Climate science following the Paris Agreement: what next?" with Prof Stephen Belcher
20 Oct 2017 16:00
"On hippos, tigers, pancakes and souffl├ęs: trends and challenges for African governance" with Prof Stefan Dercon
26 Oct 2017 17:00
"Towards a low-carbon future" with Lord Nicholas Stern
02 Nov 2017 18:30
"Children of austerity: impact of the great recession on child poverty in rich countries" with Prof Brian Nolan
07 Nov 2017 17:00
"Tipping points to the post-carbon society" with Prof Doyne Farmer & Prof Cameron Hepburn
09 Nov 2017 17:00
"Energy transition - when?" with Prof Steve Cowley
16 Nov 2017 17:00
"The cost of energy review" with Prof Dieter Helm
22 Nov 2017 17:00
"Responding to emerging epidemics: how can pathogen genomics help?" with Prof Oliver Pybus
23 Nov 2017 17:00
"Production, reproduction and empowerment: the future of women in Africa" with Prof Jo Boyden & Prof Sandy Fredman
30 Nov 2017 17:00