Revolution in Oxford

How do you inspire a revolution in Oxford? 

First, bring Oxford's leading academics from across the disciplines into one school - the Oxford Martin School. Then ask them to find solutions to the world's most challenging questions on energy, healthcare, technology, ethics...and more. And, finally, provide the ongoing support - opportunities for networking, partnership, public outreach and policy influence - that will enable them to work together effectively and communicate widely.

In this short film, James Martin, founder of the Oxford Martin School, discovers the powerful, transformational ideas emerging from interdisciplinary research within the Oxford Martin School. The result is a radical rethinking of our global future.

(Film duration 28 minutes)


Why is interdisciplinary collaboration so important to the Oxford Martin School?

Oxford Martin School Director, Professor Ian Goldin talks to School funder, Dr James Martin, to get a glimpse 'behind the scenes' and find out why he made the film, "Revolution in Oxford". 


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