Ageing Populations

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

What are we doing?
We investigate 21st Century demographic change and the wide ranging impacts arising from the ageing of populations across the globe. We make recommendations for how government, business and society can respond.

Why is it important?
Over the next fifty years, the age composition of nearly every country is expected to move to one in which the old outnumber the young. We are thus seeing a fundamental shift in the demographic structure of society, which is historically unprecedented, and which will require significant changes to many of our institutions.

How are we different?
We are committed to the production of cutting edge research, the creation of dynamic partnerships with government, business, NGOs, and the public, wide dissemination of policy relevant findings. We also develop summer schools and training opportunities for tomorrow’s researchers and professionals.

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (OIA) is a diverse and expanding research centre with cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes on ageing, education, fertility, health and environment. For more details, view the projects list to the right or visit the OIA website directly.

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Sarah Harper

Professor Sarah Harper

Professor of Gerontology
George Leeson

Dr George Leeson

Senior Research Fellow in Demography


Emanuela Bianchera

Dr Emanuela Bianchera

Research Fellow
Kate Hamblin

Dr Kate Hamblin

Research Fellow
Jaco Hoffman

Dr Jaco Hoffman

Senior Research Fellow in Sociology of Africa
Kenneth Howse

Mr Kenneth Howse

Senior Research Fellow in Bio-Demography and Ethics
Nana Nanitashvili

Nana Nanitashvili

James Martin Research Officer
Maja Zalo┼żnik

Dr Maja Zalo┼żnik

Research Fellow