Armed Conflict

Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

What are we doing?
We are reassessing how the world governs armed conflict, aiming to determine how more authoritative structures and decision-making mechanisms can be created for its management and reduction.  Our research leads to an overarching question: can war be effectively regulated, and if so, eventually eliminated?

Why is it important?
In an age of weapons with the potential to destroy all life on earth, going to war is becoming increasingly hard to justify.  The 20th century was by far the bloodiest in human history: what might the 21st century have in store, if we do not reconsider the ways we manage conflict?

How are we different?
ELAC is the first research institute in the world to unite leading experts in international law, moral philosophy and political science in a major study of conflict.

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Dapo Akande

Dapo Akande

Associate Professor of Public International Law
David Rodin

Dr David Rodin

Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
Jennifer Welsh

Professor Jennifer Welsh

Professor of International Relations


Alexander Leveringhaus

Dr Alexander Leveringhaus

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Hugo Slim

Dr Hugo Slim

Senior Research Fellow