Biodiversity Institute

What are we doing?
We bring together research from the natural and social sciences to address the challenges of our sustainable existence on Earth.

Why is it important?
The present era is critical for the planet’s biodiversity, which is experiencing radical changes at a rate unprecedented in history.

How are we different?
Our focus on biodiversity beyond protected areas and our integration of new technologies will help businesses and society develop best practices to conserve biodiverse ecosystems into the next century.

This webpage contains a brief summary of research at the Biodiversity Institute.
For more detail about the Institute's research, please visit their website: www.biodiversity.ox.ac.uk.
For more detail about all Oxford Martin School research, please visit www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/research

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Categories: Energy & Environment


Nathalie Seddon

Dr Nathalie Seddon

Royal Society University Research Fellow
Katherine Willis

Professor Katherine Willis

Professor of Biodiversity

Principal Investigator

Charles Godfray

Professor Charles Godfray

Hope Professor in the Department of Zoology


Elizabeth Jeffers

Dr Elizabeth Jeffers

Post Doctoral Researcher
Peter Long

Dr Peter Long

Post Doctoral Researcher
Marc Macias Fauria

Dr Marc Macias Fauria

Post Doctoral Researcher, Marie Curie Fellow
Sandra Nogué

Dr Sandra Nogué

Post Doctoral Researcher
Timos Papadopoulos

Dr Timos Papadopoulos

James Martin Fellow
Gillian Petrokofsky

Dr Gillian Petrokofsky

Associate Researcher