Institute for the Future of Computing

What are we doing?
We research the new world of computing in the 21st century, specifically the increasing ubiquity and accelerating speed of computers, dealing with the massive increase of digital data, and developing usable, secure network systems to go along with these.

Why is it important?
The future is a data driven society. New computing technologies will help develop advanced algorithms for climate modelling, simulations to support research into disease, and analytical capacity for mapping vast quantities of complex information.

How are we different?
We help accelerate research through the development of innovative computational and information technology in multidisciplinary collaborations. Our initiatives include developing energy efficient algorithms, novel methodologies for design, technologies for reasoning across large-scale data, and secure mechanisms for computer networking and data transfer.

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David De Roure

Professor David De Roure

Professor of e-Research
Bill Roscoe

Professor Bill Roscoe

Professor of Computing Science

Principal Investigators

Georg Gottlob

Professor Georg Gottlob

Professor of Informatics
Marta Kwiatkowska

Professor Marta Kwiatkowska

Professor of Computing Systems


Wes Armour

Dr Wes Armour

Research Fellow
Tim Furche

Dr Tim Furche

ERC Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher
Xin Huang

Xin Huang

Doctoral Student
Andrew Markham

Dr Andrew Markham

EPSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Giorgio Orsi

Dr Giorgio Orsi

Research Assistant
Jeyan Thiyagalingam

Dr Jeyan Thiyagalingam

Research Fellow
Niki Trigoni

Dr Niki Trigoni

Associate Professor
David Wallom

Dr David Wallom

Associate Director - Innovation