Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

What are we doing?

We are helping to integrate, advance and disseminate wide-ranging research at Oxford on the global food system. This includes scientific, economic, social and environmental issues of food production and consumption, as well as challenges for health, sustainability and development.

Why is it important?

Without radical change to the way we produce and consume food, as well to the governance of the food system, there is a substantial risk of significant increases in food prices with major political, environmental and humanitarian consequences.

How are we different?

Our three-prong approach - integrating existing research, supporting new interdisciplinary initiatives, and facilitating interactions between academia, government, civil society and the private sector - will bring both fresh insights and effective action to address the challenges of feeding the global population sustainably, healthily and equitably.

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Charles Godfray

Professor Charles Godfray

Hope Professor in the Department of Zoology

Principal Investigators

Michael Bonsall

Professor Michael Bonsall

Professor of Mathematical Biology
Catherine Dolan

Dr Catherine Dolan

University Lecturer in Marketing, Culture and Society
Doug Gollin

Professor Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics
Sarah Harper

Professor Sarah Harper

Professor of Gerontology
Kenneth Howse

Mr Kenneth Howse

Senior Research Fellow in Bio-Demography and Ethics
George Leeson

Dr George Leeson

Senior Research Fellow in Demography
Javier Lezaun

Dr Javier Lezaun

James Martin Lecturer in Science and Technology Governance
Mike Rayner

Dr Mike Rayner

Director, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group
Peter Scarborough

Dr Peter Scarborough

Senior Researcher, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group
Jeremy Thomas

Professor Jeremy Thomas

Professor of Ecology
Stanley Ulijaszek

Professor Stanley Ulijaszek

Professor of Human Ecology


Karin Eli

Dr Karin Eli

Postdoctoral Researcher
Tanja Schneider

Dr Tanja Schneider

Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies
Marco Springmann

Dr Marco Springmann

Post-doctoral Researcher
Maja Založnik

Dr Maja Založnik

Research Fellow


Paola Ballon Fernandez

Dr Paola Ballon Fernandez

Associate Professor of Econometrics