Economics, INET Oxford

The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School

What are we doing?

We are building a broad platform for research collaboration and practical engagement on economic theory and policy making at the global level. Our aim is to stimulate innovation and debate in economics, support visionary interdisciplinary research, and radically redefine the education of the next generation of economists and business and government leaders.

Why is it important?

Fresh thinking in economics is required to address a number of critical challenges the world faces, ranging from managing systemic financial crises, to reinvigorating economic growth, addressing rising inequality, encouraging economic development, and developing new models of long-term sustainability.

How are we different?

INET Oxford is a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary research centre founded at the Oxford Martin School. Our team of top scholars from across the sciences, social sciences and humanities work together with policymakers and practitioners to develop innovative new approaches to major economic issues.  We are applying a broad toolkit to this challenge, using techniques from disciplines including economics, statistics, physics, biology, computer science, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, and other fields that can bring new insights into the workings (and dysfunctions) of economic systems.

INET Oxford involves a wide number of scholars based across the University of Oxford, including the Saïd Business School, Department of Mathematics, Department of Economics, and Department of International Development.

Why do we need INET Oxford? - George Soros explains why in this short video

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Eric Beinhocker

Eric Beinhocker

Executive Director, INET Oxford

Principal Investigators

John Armour

Professor John Armour

Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance
Tony Atkinson

Sir Tony Atkinson

Professor of Economics
Wendy Carlin

Professor Wendy Carlin

Visiting Professor
Doyne Farmer

Professor Doyne Farmer

Professor of Mathematics
David Hendry

Professor Sir David Hendry

Professor of Economics
Cameron Hepburn

Professor Cameron Hepburn

Professor of Environmental Economics
John Muellbauer

Professor John Muellbauer

Professor of Economics
Felix Reed-Tsochas

Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas

James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems
David Vines

Professor David Vines

Professor of Economics
Peyton Young

Professor Peyton Young

James Meade Professor of Economics


Facundo Alvaredo

Dr Facundo Alvaredo

Research Fellow
Janine Aron

Dr Janine Aron

Research Fellow
Vanessa Berenguer-Rico

Dr Vanessa Berenguer-Rico

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Olaf Bochmann

Dr Olaf Bochmann

Research Fellow
Jennifer Castle

Dr Jennifer Castle

Tutorial Fellow in Economics
Jurgen Doornik

Dr Jurgen Doornik

Research Fellow
Daniel Fricke

Dr Daniel Fricke

James Martin Fellow
Omar Guerrero

Dr Omar Guerrero

Research Fellow
Oleg Kitov

Oleg Kitov

Research Fellow
Bent Nielsen

Dr Bent Nielsen

Reader in Econometrics
Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips

Research Officer
Felix Pretis

Felix Pretis

Research Fellow
Ioannis Psorakis

Dr Ioannis Psorakis

INET Research Fellow
Ross Richardson

Dr Ross Richardson

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Hyejin Youn

Dr Hyejin Youn

Senior Research Fellow


Geoffrey West

Professor Geoffrey West

CABDyN Associate Fellow