International Migration Institute

What are we doing?

We are investigating the way that human mobility is changing the face of global society.  Our research aims to provide an understanding of who is migrating, where to, why, and what impacts these movements have on both receiving countries and societies left behind.

Why is it important?
The movement of people has always played a central role in global processes of social, economic and political change.  But, as international migration becomes more complex, it raises new intellectual and practical challenges for humanity in the twenty-first century.

How are we different?
We pioneer new theoretical and methodological approaches, working with researchers and policy-makers in the global South and North.  Our aim is to advance understanding of the multilayered forces driving current and future migration processes.

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Oliver Bakewell

Dr Oliver Bakewell

Co-Director, International Migration Institute
Hein De Haas

Dr Hein De Haas

Associate Professor in Migration Studies


Mathias Czaika

Dr Mathias Czaika

Research Officer
Christopher Parsons

Dr Christopher Parsons

Research Officer
Sorana Toma

Sorana Toma

Research Officer


Stephen Castles

Professor Stephen Castles

Research Chair in Sociology at the University of Sydney
Maria Villares Varela

Dr Maria Villares Varela

Research Officer