Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology

What are we doing?
We are working at the interface of biology, physics, chemistry and engineering to create the tools to facilitate novel strategies for new treatments using nanostructures that target disease and promote healing.

Why is it important?
Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionise the way we detect and treat trauma and disease. However, much work is needed to establish fundamental design principles and understand potential nano-toxicological effects before effective treatments can be developed. 

How are we different?
We provide a catalysing network of expertise for Oxford University researchers who are working to understand the nanoscale effects of biomolecular interactions.  We take both experimental and computational approaches in measuring and modelling these interactions to better develop new drug delivery techniques.

Note: This programme of research evolved from a project on nanoscience for medicine that was funded from 2008-2011.  Details and outputs of that research project are available here: http://nanomed.bioch.ox.ac.uk/

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Sonia Contera

Dr Sonia Contera

Associate Professor in Biological Physics and Nanomedicine
Sonia Trigueros

Dr Sonia Trigueros

Academic Fellow in Biological Physics