Tropical Forests

Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests

What are we doing?
We seek to strengthen understanding of how state and non-state institutions and actors shape decisions about the conservation and use of forest resources around the world.

Why is it important?
Tropical forests are perhaps the greatest treasures of life on Earth, housing half of all biodiversity, much of which has yet to be observed or described.  To protect these resources, there is a need to further develop state and non-state governance within the forest sector, on local and global levels.

How are we different?
The OCTF brings together Oxford's vast intellectual capital and expertise on practical issues in this area, creating a unique network of University departments and neighbouring NGOs, consultancies and businesses.  We also serve as a platform for broader collaboration between Oxford area institutions and the global forest community.

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Categories: Energy & Environment


Yadvinder Malhi

Professor Yadvinder Malhi

Professor of Ecosystems Science


Lauren Coad

Dr Lauren Coad

Research Fellow
Cécile Girardin

Dr Cécile Girardin

Postdoctoral Researcher
Connie McDermott

Dr Connie McDermott

Senior Research Fellow in Forest Governance