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People Dr Sonia Contera

Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology

Associate Professor in Biological Physics and Nanomedicine

Linking biological physics with bio/medicine using nanoscience. - Nanophysics for medicine, (drug-delivery, nanocomposites for tissue engineering, biosensing). - Physics in biology at the nanoscale (cell mechanical properties, single molecule nanomechanics, membrane protein biophysics, DNA nanomechanics, molecular motors, membrane biophysics) - Molecular forces in biology, physicochemical interactions at bionano-interfaces, nanostructure/biomolecule/cells interactions - High-resolution/high-speed/ atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning probe microscopy in biology, mechanical properties mapping. - Force spectroscopy - Interfaces: nanostructured surfaces/liquid-solid interfaces, nano-bio interfaces.