Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian Action: Ethical Challenges in Recent Crises (partial recording)

12 August 2013 Download

Professor Antonio Donini (Tufts University) gives a talk on 7th November 2012. This is a Oxford Humanitarian Group Event

The Craft of Humanitarian Work: Reflection, Political Judgment and Strategic Intervention Spring' and Future Humanitarian Challenges

12 August 2013 Download

Professor Greg Johnson, Pacific Lutheran University gives a talk on 1st May 2013. This is a Oxford Humanitarian Group Event

What Works in Protecting Civilians: Lessons from Recent Humanitarian Action

12 August 2013 Download

Urban Reichhold (Fellow, Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Berlin) gives a talk on 4th March 2012. This is an Oxford Humanitarian Group Event

Negotiating Humanitarian Agreements with Everybody: Geneva Call's Experience with Armed Non-State Actors

12 August 2013 Download

Elisabeth Decrey-Warner (President, Geneva Call), gives a talk on 25th Feb 2012. This is an Oxford Humanitarian Group Event

Negotiating Space: Redefining Civilian-Military Roles During Complex Crises (partial recording)

12 August 2013 Download

Dr Marcia Byrom Hartwell (Visiting Scholar, United States Institute of Peace, (USIP) Washington DC) gives a talk for the Oxford Humanitarian Group seminar series

Preventative War

09 August 2013 Download

Professor Deen Chatterjee gives a talk for the ELAC semianar series on 21st May 2013. With Professor Cheyney Ryan and Dr David Rodin

The Ethics of Humanitarian Accountability

09 August 2013 Download

Alice Obrecht (One World Trust) and Philip Tamminga (DARA) give a talk for Oxford Humanitarian Group/ELAC seminar series. Introduced by Hugo Slim

Influence Operations and Psyops: Information Warfare in the 21st Century

09 August 2013 Download

Bob Seeley, MOD, gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW seminar series on 13th November 2012.

Liberalism and State Violence: Reflections on the Liberal Way of War

09 August 2013 Download

Director of Liberal Way of War Program Professor Alan Cromartie gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW Seminar series on 9th October 2012. Introduced by Dr Robert Johnson

Science and the future: Death - nothing more certain? - Oxford Literary Festival

18 June 2013 Download

From Neolithic burials to Mozart's Requiem and the novels of Martin Amis, humans have fashioned cultural responses to the inevitability of each individual's demise. But what does science have to say about death? In a stimulating panel discussion, scientists and writers debate the impact of future advances in science and technology on our understanding of the end.

Introduction to the Environmental Change Institute

29 May 2013 Download

Professor Jim Hall, Director of the ECI, gives a brief introduction to the work of the University of Oxford's interdisciplinary research institute looking into the processes, solutions and partnerships relating to global environmental change.

Innovation or stagnation - Oxford Union Debate

22 May 2013 Download

The Innovation Enigma - Is the current growth crisis a result of decades of technological stagnation in a risk-averse society? A dynamic Oxford Union debate about innovation and the coming technological deficit involving Garry Kasparov, 13th world chess champion, writer and political activist; Peter Thiel, technology entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist; Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at Harvard University; and Mark Shuttleworth, technology entrepreneur and founder of the Ubuntu project.

The Transformation of Humankind

22 May 2013 Download

With Dr James Martin, Founder, Oxford Martin School This is the first time in Earth's history that humanity that can study its situation and devise powerful ways to deal with the problems. Our future could be magnificent, but time is short. In our near future there is a need for extreme paradigm shifts, diverse in nature, and for which we are almost totally unprepared. This 'Jubillee' lecture celebrates 60 years since Dr Martin's matriculation from the University of Oxford

The Future of Energy and Transport

22 May 2013 Download

With Elon Musk, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and Chairman of SolarCity, speaks from his own experiences at the forefront of technology and innovation. This inspirational Oxford Martin School presentation at the Sheldonian Theatre covers space travel, electric vehicles and solar energy.

Ethics and infectious disease - navigating the moral maze of pandemic control

22 May 2013 Download

With Professor Paul Klenerman Principal Investigator, Institute for Emerging Infections Paul Klenerman demonstrates the way our immune systems work and discusses the best way to boost our natural defences in an effort to fight infection from Hep C and HIV. Dr Bennett Foddy, Deputy Director, Institute for Science and Ethics, addresses the ethical dilemmas which can arise from the process of clinical trials.

Ethics and plant science - improving food yields in a changing environment

22 May 2013 Download

With Professor Liam Dolan and Professor Jane Langdale, Co-Directors, Plants for the 21st Century Institute. As we struggle to feed the world's growing population is it ethically wrong not to use all the tools at our disposal to help increase food production? Liam Dolan and Jane Langdale explore the possibilities and benefits that could be derived from using scientific advancement to enhance agricultural production. Professor Julian Savulescu, Director of the Institute for Science and Ethics, questions the ethical issues involved.

Resource stewardship - can we develop a new common sense morality?

22 May 2013 Download

With Professor Myles Allen, Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship. You can show people all the evidence in the world about climate change, but if the policy debate is framed in an intractable way, it won't make any difference. And that's the problem. As climate modelling and scientific projections improve how much will people's behaviour change over the coming decades?

Killing with computers - the ethics of autonomous and remote controlled weapon

22 May 2013 Download

Remote controlled and autonomous robotic weapons are bringing new levels of complexity to modern warfare. It's when such robots are designed as lethal weapons that the threshold for moral justification gets higher.

Reviving the Spirit of Innovation

22 May 2013 Download

With Kary Kasparov, world chess champion, writer and political activist. The world we live in now is very different from the one that was imagined 50 years ago. Past decades foresaw a future of flying cars and supersonic jets, but commercial air travel is slower in 2013 than it was in 1976. For years we were assured that we would have abundant clean and cheap energy; instead we have record fossil fuel prices, oil spills, and nuclear meltdowns. From poverty rates to superbugs, one thing is certain: this is not the future we were promised. How did we get so far off course from the era of radical tech innovation and ambitious exploration? Why did our culture retreat toward risk-aversion and security? And how can we revive the spirit of innovation, and help bring about its promise of positive transformational change and far-reaching societal benefits?

The 'Arab Spring' and Future Humanitarian Challenges

30 April 2013 Download

25 April 2013, Special lecture co-hosted by ELAC, the new Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations and the Oxford Humanitarian Group by Yves Daccord (Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC)