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"Sensors everywhere? Trends and challenges for accurate indoor localisation" by Prof Marta Kwiatkowska and Dr Niki Trigoni

BannerThis seminar is part of the Oxford Martin School Hilary Term seminar series: Blurring the lines: the changing dynamics between man and machine

We may already feel incredibly reliant upon technology, but will we be surrounded by sensors, feeding and receiving information, in just a few years' time? From sensors on the body that transmit medical information, to smart parking sensors enabling drivers to easily find a space in a city, the technology is already beginning to affect our everyday lives. Experts Professor Marta Kwiatkowska and Dr Niki Trigoni give their views where sensors could potentially be most successful, and what the challenges are.


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This seminar will be live webcast here: at 3.30pm on 6 March

About the speakers

Marta KwiatkowskaProfessor Marta Kwiatkowska is a Principal Investigator at the Institute for the Future of Computing, Oxford Martin School; Professor of Computing Systems and Fellow of Trinity College, University of Oxford. Prior to this she was Professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, Lecturer at the University of Leicester and Assistant Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. She holds a BSc/MSc in Computer Science from the Jagiellonian University, MA from Oxford and a PhD from the University of Leicester. 

Marta Kwiatkowska spearheaded the development of probabilistic and quantitative methods in verification on the international scene. She led the development of the PRISM model checker, the leading software tool in the area and widely used for research and teaching. Applications of probabilistic model checking have spanned communication and security protocols, nanotechnology designs, power management, game theory, planning and systems biology, with genuine flaws found and corrected in real-world protocols. 

Niki TrigoniDr Niki Trigoni is a James Martin Fellow in the Institute for the future of Computing, Oxford Martin School; University Lecturer at the Oxford University Department of Computer Science and a fellow of Kellogg College. Since she moved to Oxford in 2007, she established the Sensor Networks Group, and has conducted research in communication, localisation and in-network processing algorithms for sensor networks. Her recent and ongoing projects span a wide variety of sensor networks applications, including indoor/underground localization, wildlife sensing, road traffic monitoring, autonomous (aerial and ground) vehicles, and sensor networks for industrial processes. 

This event is part of a series:

Lecture Series: Blurring the lines: the changing dynamics between man and machine

The Oxford Martin School Hilary Term seminar series looks at the opportunities for human development that stem from advancements in technology, as well as questioning what risks, threats and ethical considerations need to be made as we increasingly rely on machines.   Join in on twitter with #humantech  

Event Details

06 March 2014 15:30 - 17:00


Lecture Theatre, Oxford Martin School

34 Broad Street (corner of Holywell and Catte Streets)