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"On the future: prospects for humanity" with Lord Martin Rees

This book talk is part of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2019, the Oxford Martin School is the Festival Ideas Partner

Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees, member of the Oxford Martin School Advisory Council. says we need to take a different approach to thinking about and planning for tomorrow in the face of existential risks to our world.

Rees says that our prospects depend on how well we harness technological advances to address the challenges we face and to care for our planet. He argues that we must think rationally, globally, collectively and optimistically about our long-term future. Advances in biotechnology, cybertechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence could address threats from climate change and nuclear war if applied wisely.

Rees is Astronomer Royal and a former master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and president of the Royal Society. He is a member of the House of Lords and involved in international science and issues of technological risk. His previous books include Our Cosmic Habitat and Our Final Hour. Here he talks to Professor Ian Goldin, Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School; Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technolgical and Economic Change; & Professor of Globalisation and Development at the University of Oxford.

This is a ticketed event and the tickets are £8 - £20. For more information and to purchase a ticket please visit this website:

This event is part of a series:

Oxford Martin School at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2019

In 2019, following five successful years working together, the Oxford Martin School is pleased to once again be acting as Festival Ideas Partner to the Financial Times Weekend Oxford Literary Festival. Throughout the festival from 30 March - 7 April, the School will host a wide range of Festival lectures and events, including book talks from academics working at the Oxford Martin...

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30 March 2019 16:00 - 17:00

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The Sheldonian

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