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Automation research recognised in Oxford innovation awards

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The University of Oxford’s Vice Chancellor’s inaugural Innovation Awards has highly commended the ground-breaking work of Oxford Martin researchers Carl Frey and Michael Osborne.

The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are jobs to Computerisation? received ‘highly commended’ in the ‘Early Career’ category. The paper has received international recognition since its publication in 2013 and has contributed significantly to the global debate on automation and the future of work.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation Awards seek to recognise and celebrate high-quality research-led innovation at all levels. Research-led innovation may take many forms, including: the creation of new products or models; entrepreneurial activity; social enterprise; influencing policy; or cultural engagement. The awards seek to highlight research-led innovation that shares a commitment to creative and lateral ways of thinking, connecting, problem-solving, and demonstrating real-world application of knowledge.

Director of the Oxford Martin School, Professor Sir Charles Godfrey, commented

 “It is a delight to see Carl and Michael’s important research being “highly commended” in the VC’s innovation awards; they are raising very important questions about the impact technology will have on all of us in the coming decades.”

Co-author Carl Frey said

"It's an honour to be highly commended for this prestigious award. The Oxford Martin School was set up to drive innovation within the University and that's what we are trying to do every day. We are much indebted to James Martin who made the school possible, and Ian Goldin, who founded our research programme. We would also like to thank Andrew Pitt and Citi for their generous support of our wider programme on Technology and Employment."

Carl and Michael received the recognition at the Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation Awards Ceremony in Pembroke College, University of Oxford on Thursday 12 July 2018.

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