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People Dr Michael Darren (Kenny) Moore

James Martin Fellow, Oxford Stem Cell Institute

Lecturer in Medicine

My research interests are currently focused on the interaction between HIV and macrophages and the development of more widely applicable genetic tools. Macrophages are inherently difficult to genetically manipulate, an essential technique for uncovering the basic functions of different genes. However, by using macrophages differentiated from genetically-tractable stem cells this major limitation to macrophage study has been overcome. Using this unique model I am investigating the role of intrinsic resistance factors (e.g. SAMHD1) in limiting HIV infection and exploring their role in macrophage activation. I have also designed a novel genetic tool to accurately and cleanly manipulate the genome, a technology that will allow more detailed and robust analyses of disease-associated mutations using stem cells and their differentiated progeny.

Oxford Stem Cell Institute

Oxford Stem Cell Institute

James Martin Fellow