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People Associate Professor Daniel Wilson

Principal Investigator, Institute for Emerging Infections

Associate Professor, Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow

I am a Wellcome Trust and Royal Society funded Sir Henry Dale Fellow working in Pathogen Genomics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford. Based at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, I am a collaborator with the UKCRC Consortium Modernising Medical Microbiology, a project that harnesses whole genome sequencing to track transmission and predict clinically important phenotypes in human pathogens. I am also a Principal Investigator at the interdisciplinary Oxford Martin School Institute for Emerging Infections and Associate Member of the Department of Statistics.

My research interests are in the evolution of natural pathogen populations, which I study through comparative analysis of genomes within and between species. My research activity focuses on the analysis of bacterial pathogen populations, but I also work on viruses and non-pathogenic species. Motivating themes in my work are understanding the inheritance of virulence and the effects of transmission, natural selection and recombination in shaping pathogen diversity. I am investigating the evolution of pathogen populations from the colonization of individual hosts and transmission between hosts, through to the whole-species and phylogenetics levels.

Institute for Emerging Infections

Institute for Emerging Infections

Principal Investigator