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People Professor Bob Coecke

Principal Investigator, Oxford Martin Programme on Bio-Inspired Quantum Technologies

Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures

Bob created and jointly heads the 35 member interdisciplinary Quantum Group at the Computer Science Department, which is active in the areas of Quantum Information, Quantum Foundations, Computational Linguistics, Mechanized Reasoning and Pure Mathematics. He holds several EPSRC, US Office of Naval Research, Foundational Questions Institute, John Templeton Foundation, and Leverhulme grants, and held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship “The Structure of Quantum Information and its Ramifications for IT” (2006-2011). He proposed and coordinated the 1.8M EU FP6 STREP “Foundational Structures in Quantum Information and Computation” (2007-2010). The proposal was ranked 2nd out of 487 submissions. He gave about 140 invited talks in a variety of areas including IT, Physics, Mathematics, Linguistics, Theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy. He has about 1700 citations and h-index 24. He organized 31 workshops and onferences, and was in the PC or Program Chair for 27 events. He was co-PI of a unique interdisciplinary research project spanning Computer Science, Materials, Physics and Philosophy at Oxford.

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