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People Dr Arzhang Ardavan

Principal Investigator, Oxford Martin Programme on Bio-Inspired Quantum Technologies

Reader in Physics

Dr Ardavan's research is multidisciplinary, spanning the departments of Physics and Materials and linking strongly with the Department of Chemistry. His current research interests lie mainly in studying the effects of correlations in condensed matter systems. For example, while some of the properties of metals can be successfully explained by considering a large collection of electrons that are free to move around without directly influencing each other, many of the most interesting properties, such as superconductivity and magnetism, can only be explained by considering the consequences of the mutual repulsion (or correlations) between the electrons. This and related phenomena motivate his experiments in various systems: Electrical and thermoelectric effects in strongly correlated superconductors to elucidate the mechanisms of superconductivity; Coherent control of the spin state of single-molecule magnets and fullerene derivatives to investigate their potential for applications in quantum information processing.