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People Professor Doug Gollin

Principal Investigator, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

Professor of Development Economics

Doug Gollin is an economist whose research focuses broadly on economic development and growth.

He has particular interests in agricultural productivity and the impacts of agricultural technologies. At the macro scale, he is interested in the linkages between agricultural development and economic growth and in the structural transformation that has historically accompanied the growth process – the movement of workers and resources out of agriculture and into other sectors.

At a micro level, he is interested in the economic, social, and environmental impacts of new agricultural technologies in developing countries. He chairs the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment of the CGIAR, an independent unit charged with providing high-quality and objective analysis of the impacts of agricultural technologies developed by international public sector research institutions.

His interests in food systems include a broad range of issues relating to farm size, technology adoption, input use, and the effects of prices and policies. In recent years, he has also become particularly interested in the interactions between agriculture and the transportation and marketing systems of developing countries. In many countries, remoteness and high transportation costs are linked with low agricultural productivity, low use of inputs, and poverty. The correlations among these variables are clear, but the directions of causation are not obvious. Using a variety of modeling techniques, Doug Gollin and various colleagues are seeking to improve understanding of the underlying causal relationships.