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People Dr Catherine Dolan

Principal Investigator, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

University Lecturer in Marketing, Culture and Society

Catherine Dolan is an anthropologist working at the interface of business, international development and social change.

She specialises in the social and political economy of development, primarily in Africa, and over the past 15 years has directed and researched interdisciplinary programs on poverty, globalization, commodity chains, rural livelihoods, corporate social responsibility and gender.

Her research has focused on the impact of economic restructuring on the political economy of food and agriculture in several areas:

  • Contract farming in Africa¹s nontraditional agricultural export trade
  • The role of governance and power in agri-food commodity chains
  • The impact of regulatory and voluntary standards on employment and labour relations in high value food industries
  • Market-based approaches to development.

A central theme of her research is the relationship between market and moral economies, a theme she has examined in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR), fairtrade, bottom-of-the-pyramid initiatives, and cause-related marketing partnerships