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People Professor-Dr Chris Demchak

Oxford Martin Associate, The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre

M. Grace Hopper Professor of Cybersecurity, coDir, Ctr for Cyber Conflict Studies United States Naval War College

With degrees in engineering, economics, and comparative complex organization theory/political science, Professor-Dr. Chris C. Demchak, Co-Director, Center for Cyber Conflict Studies (C3S), U.S. Naval War College (Strategic Research Department). Her research addresses global cyberspace’s influence on national and international systems from the rise of a ‘Cyber Westphalia’ to the security implications of having complex socio-technical systems as globally shared, insecure substrates penetrating throughout the critical organizations of digitized democratic civil societies. Demchak focusses on systemic structural changes, comparative operational institutional learning, adversary/defensive use of systemic cybered tools, and systemic resilience against normal or adversary imposed surprise. Having taught international security studies, comparative organization theory, and management information systems at the undergraduate and graduate level, she currently teaches and mentors on systemic cyber security and international/ national security structures. Recent works include a co-edited volume, Designing Resilience (2010);a theory-to-practice volume, Wars of Disruption and Resilience (2011); and a new manuscript entitled Cyber Westphalia: Cyber ‘Commands’ and Emergent Organizing for Cyber Security.

Chris is a member of the Cybersecurity Advisory Panel of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre. For more information visit: