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People Dr Maria Bada

Research Fellow, The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre

Maria Bada

Research Fellow

Dr Maria Bada is an Oxford Martin Fellow and Research Fellow at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, based at the Oxford Martin School. She is supporting research concerning factors assessing cybersecurity capacity and encouraging responsible cyber culture within society. She is a member of the National Risk Assessment (NRA) Behavioural Science Expert Group – UK, working on the psychological impact of cyber-attacks. She graduated from the Department of Psychology, at Panteion University, Athens.

During her Masters Studies, Dr Bada concentrated her research in the field of health education and media. Her Ph.D. dissertation focused on health education and specifically ‘’Risk assessment of the infection with AIDS: The effect of fear appeal health messages and their association with self-efficacy as a factor of change in youth behaviour‘’.

Dr Bada has worked towards the treatment of excessive use of internet in children and adolescence by conducting prevention activities for teachers, parents and children. She did her practical training at the Department of Clinical Psychology in Wagner-Jauregg Psychiatric Clinic in Austria, as well as at the Department of Social Affairs, at the Provincial Government Office of Upper Austria (Oö. Landesregierung).

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