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People Mr Yingqi Liu

DPhil Candidate, Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Yingqi Liu

DPhil Candidate, Environmental Change Institute

Mr Yingqi Liu is a DPhil student at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. Supervised by Professor Nick Eyre and Dr Sarah Darby, he works on the topics of energy efficiency as a capacity resource, with a focus on the new Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot in the UK and similar programmes internationally, and the relationship of demand response and energy efficiency in forward capacity markets. His research also focuses on the design of energy efficiency programmes.

Yingqi is also interested in the role of demand response in future electricity systems. He worked with Professor Nick Eyre, Dr Sarah Darby and experts from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies on a project funded by the Natural Resource Defense Council to look at the potential of demand response in Shanghai and the ‘building blocks’ to support its development from perspectives of energy policy, market and customers.

Before starting the DPhil, he was working for the Strategic Prosperity Fund at the British Embassy in Beijing on the UK-China collaboration on energy and low-carbon economy. Yingqi holds an MSc in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford.