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People Dr Wen Hwa Lee

Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Wen Hwa Lee

Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Dr Lee directs the Disease Foundations Network at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), based at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford. Presently Dr Lee also leads SGC’s strategic alliances efforts, alongside a Work Package with the the European Commission Innovative Medicines Initiative’s (EC/IMI) project ‘Unrestricted Leveraging of Targets for Research Advancement and Drug Discovery’ (ULTRA-DD: ). He also represents the University of Oxford in the EC/ IMI project ‘European Lead Factory’ (ELF: ) and he is also a member of management committee of the European Screening Centre (

Dr Lee is trained in Biology, Molecular and Structural Biology, Protein Crystallography, Computational Biology and Drug Discovery in diverse places such as Brazil (University of Campinas, Brazilian Synchrotron Source), USA (Scripps Research Institute) and France (Université Paris V).

Dr Lee joined the SGC at its inception in 2004 and has since been involved in the planning of scientific strategies, communications, and alliances with external collaborators and partners. He has been working with multiple institutions to facilitate the exchange of expertise and establishment of joint research programmes with SGC’s international partners, including charities, academia, industry and government agencies – always exploring the potentials of Open Access models. Most recently, Lee co-led the establishment a new SGC laboratory in Brazil – the first node of an international effort focused on novel kinases. He is now committed to create new frameworks and partnerships with patient and disease foundations to bridge the basic science to patient-driven drug discovery efforts.