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Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Colin Bennett

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Colin Christopher Bennett is a Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines from July 2017.

Colin joined Shell International in Den Haag and served in the group’s worldwide operations. He held executive positions within the French group TOTAL S.A in strategic planning and development economics and at ExxonMobil, where he was a member of the Management Council, Vice President and Director overseeing the business, scientific and technical service directorates at Mobil Gas Marketing and Mobil North Sea.

After the Millennium he worked extensively across the public service and not-for-profit sectors, including in local government, environment, education, health, social care, justice and prison reform. He was also Chief Executive at the Chief Fire Officers Association and Presidential Advisor to the ministerial sounding board, both pivotal and leading appointments under the Bain reform of UK Fire & Rescue Service. He was also Chief Executive at the National Open College Network, a leading UK and international qualifications ‘Awarding Organisation’ overseeing essential vocational learning, core functional skills and apprenticeship development including licence for security and facilities management through the Security Industry Authority. 

Colin was Chief Executive at the national mutual Benenden Healthcare and hospital group, founded in 1905 for patients suffering tuberculosis unable to meet cost of long term care, then of early influence in founding National Insurance and the NHS, and thereafter enjoying patronage of HM The Queen Mother. He was there a director delegate member of the Association Internationale de la Mutualité, an international umbrella organisation of not-for-profit healthcare federations procuring or providing medical coverage to around 240 million people across Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

He was also external Executive Business Advisor to the Environment Agency under UK Treasury, Office of Government Commerce programme to leverage international treaty objectives for air, water and ground quality through the introduction of enabling technology. Colin was formerly Chair of the Atlantic Margin Joint Industry Group, a government sponsored steering body overseeing sensitive marine waters from the Barents Sea through to the Atlantic west of Greenland through its subsidiary the Atlantic Frontier Environmental Network that focussed on monitoring the seabed, cetaceans, seabirds and coastal protection for responsible and sustainable access.

He was appointed Alan Tayler Advisory Fellow (Mathematics) by the University of Oxford where he is also advisor to the directors of the joint EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, industrially focused mathematical modelling programme at the Mathematics Institute. Colin is an Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on ‘Affordable Medicines’ through support of the SGC, Structural Genomics Consortium based at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford. Colin has been a guest lecturer in Engineering at the University of Aberdeen and led an inaugural post graduate external mentorship programme at the Kuala Lumpur Business School, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

He is Chair of the medical biotech company EnteroBiotix focussed on using the body’s microorganisms to prevent and treat debilitating infections and disease. Colin is also Chairman at the community interest company EuroBiotix CiC formed to promote research in to the human microbiota and expand safe access to Faecal Microbiota Transplantation. In addition to healthcare he has led successful business start-ups in publishing, tourism and executive management.

Colin holds other board positions at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and also in biodiversity and international community conservation with The Wallacea Trust focussed around worldwide scientific data collection and expedition sites of Operation Wallacea. 

Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow