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People Dr Janet Stephenson

Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Janet Stephenson

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Dr Janet Stephenson is an Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow with the Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy from July to September 2017.

Dr Stephenson is the Director of Centre for Sustainability at University of Otago, New Zealand.  She is a social scientist with a strong interest in socio-technical transitions and societal responses to environmental challenges.  Her research interests are in three main areas – socio-technical transitions in energy and mobility, indigenous resource management, and cultural values in landscapes.  She was the science leader of the recently-completed 7-year Energy Cultures research programme, which examined energy and mobility behaviour through a cultural lens. She also a researcher in the GREEN Grid project on the future of New Zealand’s electricity grid, and leads the Otago University team which is examining the implications of changing consumer expectations and technology uptake.  She is the chair of the Board of the National Energy Research Institute.