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People Dr Thomas Greve

Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines

Research Fellow

Dr Thomas Greve is a Research Fellow at the Department of Medicine and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines at the University of Oxford. He is also an Affiliated Researcher at CEEPR at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Before joining Oxford and MIT in 2017, he was a Research Associate and a University Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. He has held visiting positions at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, University of Cambridge and Nova. He has worked in the Ministry of Finance and the Competition Authority.

Dr Greve has advised the Danish government regarding regulatory issues and the energy regulator (Ofgem) and the system operator (National Grid) in the UK regarding the design of auctions for the allocation of offshore transmission assets and the sale of energy balancing services.

Dr Greve has a PhD in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics from the Copenhagen Business School. His research focuses on game theory, mechanism design and regulation. His research has appeared in the Economic Journal, Energy Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory and other academic Medias.