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People Dr. Lenore Launer

Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Deep Medicine

Lenore Launer

Senior Scientist and Chief of Neuroepidemiology, National Institute on Aging

Dr Launer is a Senior Scientist and Chief of Neuroepidemiology in the Intramural Research Programme of the National Institute on Aging, at the US National Institutes of Health.

Dr Launer is an internationally recognised expert in the epidemiology of the risk factors for, and consequence of, brain ageing.

She leads or co-leads several large cohort studies of brain ageing, including CARDIA, HAAS, and AGES-RS. The focus of research in these cohorts is to study the contribution of genetic, inflammatory, metabolic, vascular, and hormonal factors to sub-clinical and clinical outcomes in brain disease and to investigate the links between brain disease and other common diseases of old age. She contributes to several large genetic, biomarker and cohort consortia, including CHARGE, IGAP, MEGA-STROKE MARK_VCI, and is on the Advisory Committees for large trial and programmatic initiatives that address Dementia research.  Dr Launer’s research is reflected in over 600 publications and book chapters.