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People Esteban Iglesias

Associate, Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Esteban Iglesias

Research Associate

Esteban is an Applied Economics MSc student being supervised by Dr Ronald Fischer of the Center for Applied Economics (CEA) at the Universidad de Chile.

Currently, Esteban is visiting the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at University of Oxford investigating the renewable energy integration in Chilean electricity system
His research interest focus on the role that demand-side response options can play in high-renewable electricity markets. His research is interdisciplinary, integrating market design, social and energy networks, as well as public and climate change policy.

Esteban studied Electrical Engineer at École Centrale Paris and Universidad de Chile. During his undergraduate degree he undertook placement at DualSun, a French hybrid solar (PV-T) panel developer, where he did research on fluid mechanichs and heat transfer.‚Äč He as also worked for the "Carrera Solar Atacama" (CSA), the first solar powered car competition in Latin America, carried out in the Atacama desert in Chile.

Esteban has also visited Beihang University (Beijing, China) in the context of renewable energy system developement.