Dr Alexandra Sexton

Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography

Alexandra is a human geographer and postdoctoral researcher working in the ‘Enabling Change’ team of the Wellcome Trust funded Livestock, Environment & People (LEAP) project. Her research examines the politics of food technology and food security, with a particular focus on alternative approaches to conventional livestock production.

Building on her ESRC-funded doctoral research, Alexandra’s current work examines the recent turn by Big Tech entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley towards creating alternatives to conventional animal-sourced foods. Her case studies include a range of alternative products including edible insects, a new generation of plant-based products, and a collection of ventures known as ‘cellular agriculture’ – so-called due to their use of tissue culture techniques and genetic modification of yeast cells to grow meat, dairy and other animal-based products outside (i.e. in-vitro) the animal body. She has conducted extensive periods of fieldwork in Silicon Valley, as well as in other hubs of recent food tech activity in other parts of the US and in Europe.