Dr Kazem Rahimi

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Prof Kazem Rahimi is a cardiologist with research interests in the areas of clinical trials and health services research.

As the Deputy Director of The George Institute for Global Health, Kazem leads the Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation programme, which aims to find practical and affordable solutions for the global health priorities of the world¹s largest emerging economies, as well as the priorities of vulnerable or disadvantaged populations in established economies.

Kazem graduated in medicine from the University of Leipzig in Germany with postgraduate training in cardiology, epidemiology, clinical trials and health services research in Leipzig, London and Oxford. Prior to joining the George Institute, in 2010, he was a Research Fellow at Oxford’s Clinical Trial Service and Epidemiological Studies Unit. His research interests include hypertension, heart failure and cardiovascular risk management, using a variety of methodologies such as individual-patient meta-analysis, large-scale complex intervention trials, and digital health technologies.