Colin Bennett

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Colin Bennett is a Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines from July 2017. He is also appointed Alan Tayler Advisory Fellow (Mathematics) by the University of Oxford

He is non-executive chairman at the bio-technology company EnteroBiotix that leads research in developing medical products from within the human microbiome to prevent and treat disease with a specific focus on drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Colin is external board advisor at the Mathematical Institute and at the department of Biomedical Science, University of Oxford, respectively to their separate centres for doctoral training (CDT) in industrially focused mathematical modelling (InFoMM) and sustainable approaches to biomedical sciences (SABS).

He is a trustee of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the global centre for learning and experiencing the works, life and times of William Shakespeare through five historic houses and gardens; internationally designated museum collections; award-winning learning programmes and digital channels.

Colin is also a trustee at the Wallacea Trust, an international conservation body that aims to address the decline of environmental biodiversity found across world's poorest countries in partnership with local communities. With a continued interest in earth sciences and environmental protection he advises the Oxford Climate Policy body and the Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute.