Dr Friederike Otto

Acting Director, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford

Friederike is the Acting Director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and leads and coordinates the distributed computing climate modelling project climateprediction.net.

Her main research interest is on extreme weather events, improving and developing methodologies to answer the question 'whether and to what extent external climate drivers alter the likelihood of extreme weather'. She furthermore investigates the policy implication of this emerging scientific field.

Friederike joined the ECI in 2011 to work on ensemble-based quantification of uncertainty in climate impact projections and continues to work on the quantification of uncertainty and validation of climate models. She is the ECI lead scientist on the international project World Weather Attribution, which aims to provide an assessment of the human-influence on extreme weather in real-time and co-investigator of several other projects.

Friederike is a physicist by training but gained a PhD in philosophy of science from the Free University Berlin.