Dr Janine Aron

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Aron's research focus is five-fold:

  1. surveying the literature on the economics of mobile money, and modelling and forecasting inflation in East African economies sponsored by the Gates Foundation (with John Muellbauer (Oxford Martin School) and Rachel Sebudde (World Bank);
  2. modelling and forecasting mortgage defaults for the UK Government (with John Muellbauer);
  3. forecasting aggregate and sectoral inflation in the USA (with John Muellbauer);
  4. analysing price behaviour for the (millions of) micro-prices underlying the CPI in South Africa (with Neil Rankin (Stellenbosch University) and John Muellbauer));
  5. and estimating exchange rate pass-through to the aggregate CPI, and the predictability of monetary policy, in South Africa (with Greg Farrell (South African Reserve Bank) and John Muellbauer).

Most recent published research includes: Guest editor and contributor of 3 articles to a Special Issue on “Exchange Rate Pass-Through In Emerging Markets” (Journal Development Studies, 2014); two articles on wealth, credit and consumption in South Africa, the US and other countries (Review of Income and Wealth, 2012-13); and two articles on inflation forecasting in the USA and SA (Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2013 and International Journal of Forecasting, 2012). My co-edited book: South African Economic Policy under Democracy was published in 2009 by Oxford University Press.