Dr Paul Fairchild

Associate Professor and Lecturer in Medicine

Oxford Martin Senior Alumni Fellow

Paul Fairchild was Co-Director of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute from 2008-2015, which was funded by the Oxford Martin School during this period.

After graduating in Biological Sciences at the University of Leicester, Paul studied for a DPhil in the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences in Oxford where he developed a long-term interest in immunology, focussing initially on the rejection of transplanted organs. On completing his doctorate, he moved to the Department of Pathology at Cambridge University, where he spent five years working on the aetiology of autoimmune disease, before returning to Oxford in 1995 where he is currently Associate Professor and Lecturer in Medicine at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

Over the past few years his interests have evolved to span the fields of immunology and stem cell biology and he has had the privilege of establishing the Oxford Stem Cell Institute in 2008 with the help of numerous colleagues, which currently encompasses 43 laboratories across 17 Departments of the University.