Dr Helen Gavin

Knowledge Exchange Researcher

Dr Helen Gavin is a sustainability professional, passionate about renewable energy and water resources.

Following a PhD in wetland hydrology, Helen became a Chartered Environmental Scientist with has more than 18 years of professional experience in quantitative environmental issues, that span water resources, hydroecology, hydropower, onshore wind energy projects, and more. She has audited water companies for ~10 years on greenhouse gas and renewable energy production as well as other topics. She has covered a range of roles including technical specialist, auditor and programme manager.

Over 2015-2019, she was Programme Manager for the Water Resources in the South East collaborative group, though her role as Principal Environmental Scientist for the engineering consulting firm, Atkins. This regional group was founded in 1996 and is an alliance of the six south east water companies, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, Consumer Council for Water, Natural England and Defra. The aim of the group is to work collaboratively to develop an affordable, sustainable and resilient regional approach to water resource management for people and the environment.

At the same time, Helen managed the multi-disciplinary research programme evaluating the risk and impact of drought and water scarcity in the UK, MaRIUS, working closely alongside the PI, Professor Jim Hall at the University of Oxford, and numerous industry practitioners and stakeholders. A key aspect was to ensure the outputs can be used by people working in the management of drought and water scarcity: see here for free data and outputs.

Currently, she is focusing on her passion for renewable energy. Helen has renovated her house to be as low carbon as possible, with rooftop solar panels that power the house, heat water and charge her electric car. Next step will be to remove the gas boiler and be completely fossil fuel free….

As Manager and Knowledge Exchange researcher of the Programme to Integrate Renewable Energy, Helen bring the results and findings of the programme an associated project to new audiences, and fosters a culture of collaborative working between academia and practitioners.

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