Laure Cugnière

Project and Outreach Coordinator

Laure Cugnière is the Outreach Coordinator for the Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade. She is leading the communications and outreach for the programme, including among other things organising of the programme's symposium and seminars, translating the group's research into impact by coordinating the development of a set of Tools and Guidance which provides research method guidelines to all stakeholders involved in addressing illegal wildlife trade, and managing the programme's website and Twitter account (@IWTnet).

A native French speaker with expertise in project management, event planning and communications as well as experience on and a passion for conservation science and practice, Laure is interested to use her multi-faceted background to engage and inspire new audiences, outside of academia, and improve the real-world impact of conservation research. She holds a MSc degree in Conservation and Tourism from DICE, University of Kent, and have put her unique skills at service of various conservation non-profits in the UK and USA. Her last position before joining the cutting-edge Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade was with the Society for Conservation Biology, as Conference Program Manager, for whom she planned the International Congress on Conservation Biology 2015 in France and 2017 in Colombia.