Minjun Jake Yang

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jake is a postdoctoral researcher in the Chemistry department working on the Oxford Martin Monitoring Marine Ecosystem Programme. His research focuses on combining optical imaging and electrochemistry to reveal interfacial electrochemical reactions and homogeneous chemical kinetics.

Electrochemistry is a part of physical chemistry, but a very singular part concerning the methods of investigation of charged particles in the condensed phase. Having obtained his MChem and DPhil degrees from Oxford, Jake received an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Award to develop electrochemical sensors to quantify the amount of ‘blue carbon’ sequestered by the Ocean.

By coupling electrochemistry synergistically with spectral observations, Jake discovers the interplay between electrochemistry and marine phytoplankton thus allowing the identity and the extent of calcification of the latter to be discovered. His proof-of-concept work promoted an interdisciplinary departmental collaboration between Earth Science and Chemistry which is now funded by the Oxford Martin Programme.

Jake is an active member of the Oxford University Mountaineering Club and he spends most of his weekends outdoor rock climbing or mountaineering