Dr Olga Gurgula

Lecturer in IP Law at Brunel Law School and Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Olga is a Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines from January 2018. She is part of a team working on the ‘open innovation in drug development’ project that is aimed at facilitating the accessibility and affordability of medicines.

Olga’s research interests focus on the intersection between intellectual property, competition law and access to medicines. In particular, her current research relates to strategic patenting in the pharmaceutical industry that delays generic competition and affects access to affordable medicines. She is also interested in emerging healthcare technologies, as well as open innovation and new models of drug development. She has recently submitted her PhD thesis entitled ‘Strategic patenting in the pharmaceutical industry: a competition law perspective’ that focuses on specific patenting strategies employed by pharmaceutical companies such as strategic accumulation of patents and product hopping. Her PhD research became part of a co-authored submission to the United Nations High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines, which presented evidence that anti-competitive practices in the pharmaceutical sector can create barriers to access to medicines and that competition law should be used to balance proprietary interests with economic and social interests to advance public welfare. This evidence was included in the Final UN Report ‘Promoting Innovation and Access to Health Technologies’ (2016).

Olga is a Lecturer in IP Law at Brunel Law School, Brunel University London. She is a lecturer and a course convenor for the Patent law and Practice module (part of the PGCert in Intellectual Property), as well as contributes to other modules related to intellectual property and contract law. Olga is also a Research Coordinator for a UK technical assistance project that provides support on the establishment and operation of the new IP Court in Ukraine.

Before joining Brunel Law School, Olga was a Lecturer in IP Law at Aston Law School, and prior to her lectureship at Aston University, Olga worked as a Research Associate at Queen Mary University of London.

Olga is qualified as a Ukrainian attorney in 2004 and prior to the commencement of her PhD research, she worked in private practice over 10 years. She was counselling on a wide range of IP and corporate matters and was involved in numerous litigation proceedings concerning a wide range of commercial and civil disputes.