Professor Martin Maiden

Professor of Molecular Epidemiology

Oxford Martin Senior Alumni Fellow

Martin Maiden was a Principal Investigator in the Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines, which was part of the Oxford Martin School from 2010-2015.

His group studies the population biology and evolution of bacterial pathogens, with the objective of translating the insights obtained into benefits for human health. Their work focuses on two globally important pathogens, Neisseria meningitidis and Campylobacter jejuni, although they work on other pathogens through a variety of collaborations.

They use a ‘Population Genomics’ approach, which combines data on genome sequence diversity with a variety of types of phenotypic information assembled from large representative bacterial isolate collections. Making extensive use of collaborations within and outside the Department, they explore these data with a range of analysis approaches including: epidemiological studies; dynamic modelling; and phylogenetic and genealogical investigations.