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We are pleased to launch a new round of funding for research programmes

Theme: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

The 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals making up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: an agenda for action to achieve human well-being, equitable prosperity and a healthy planet. The SDGs span many dimensions, including economics, society, culture, environment, and technology.

The Oxford Martin School invites Expressions of Interest for interdisciplinary research projects on the interconnections between the Sustainable Development Goals. We are interested in projects that explore synergies or trade-offs between two or more goals, and in doing so help deliver better outcomes. We are looking to receive proposals that investigate or identify leverage points whereby progress on multiple goals can be achieved simultaneously, or which show how actions to achieve one goal may hamper progress on another and how this might be avoided. Successful proposals must demonstrate clearly how their outcomes could make a meaningful and timely contribution to the delivery of the goals.

The Oxford Martin School aims to support new ways of conceptualising, analysing and addressing the problems of the 21st Century in an interdisciplinary manner. The School judges research projects by their scale, excellence, impact and additionality. In the context of this call, scale means addressing an important aspect of achieving multiple SDGs. The projects need to demonstrate outstanding research excellence and that, if successful, they will have significant impact on the delivery of SDGs. The School looks to demonstrate additionality, bringing together innovative research groups and supporting projects that could not be funded from existing sources.


Applicants must be in a permanent or long-term (five-years plus) research post at the University of Oxford. Please be aware of your Department or Faculty’s policies; if you are not eligible to apply for research funding as a Principal Investigator in your own name, you are not eligible to submit an Expression of Interest.

At this stage we are interested in the subject to be researched, approach to be taken, and your suitability to lead this. If we decide to request a full proposal, we will then need more details of the research, the timetable and the team.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 5pm on Monday 5 November 2018

Please submit Expressions of Interest to Claire Jordan,

If you have queries, please contact Dr Ella Adlen,, ext 87367

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