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Programmes Carbon Investment

Oxford Martin Net Zero Carbon Investment Initiative

Forthcoming Events

14 Feb 2019
"The economics of 1.5°C climate change" with Prof Simon Dietz
05 Feb 2019
"Cumulative emissions of carbon - a path to halting climate change?" with Dr Joeri Rogelj

Recent Events

18 Oct 2018
"Planetary warming: is a 1.5 degree target achievable?" with Prof Myles Allen
11 Oct 2018
Planetary health: new technologies, ideas and values
21 May 2018
"Challenges on the freshwater availability and climate extremes for the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna rivers" with Prof A.K.M. Saiful Islam
07 Dec 2017
"Climate science following the Paris Agreement: what next?" with Prof Stephen Belcher
12 Nov 2017
"Emission budgets and pathways to 1.5 degrees in the context of the global stocktake" with Prof Myles Allen
10 Mar 2017
'Climate change morphing into an existential problem' with Prof Veerabhadran (Ram) Ramanathan
02 Dec 2016
'Energy economics' with Prof Cameron Hepburn
28 Oct 2016
'The carbon problem' with Prof Myles Allen
14 Oct 2016
NEST Lecture Series - "Introduction to energy systems"
26 May 2016
'Our shared world: reconciling individual need and collective responsibility' - panel discussion
17 May 2016
'The clean energy revolution: science and policy' with Prof Daniel Kammen
28 Apr 2016
Our shared world: reconciling individual and collective needs
28 Apr 2016
'Save the planet: invest in fossil fuels?' with Prof Myles Allen
07 Dec 2015
COP21 Side Event: Metrics of progress towards net zero and the two degree goal - science for a safe climate
30 Nov 2015
COP21 Side Event: "Climate Change: The finance sector and pathways to 2 degrees"