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Programmes e-Horizons

e-Horizons Project

The e-Horizons project was established through funding from the Oxford Martin School from 2005-2009.

The Project was a joint collaboration between the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), and included a multidisciplinary network of engineers, computer scientists and social scientists at Oxford and other world centres of e-science research. The Project aimed to identify and explore the potentially most significant ICT-related breakthroughs in the sciences, humanities and other disciplines and how these might shape the future of communication in our increasingly networked society.

The project ended in 2009 with the publication of a book entitled: World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and Humanities. This explores the intersection of research with new opportunities offered by developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

A summary of outcomes from the project can be found at: