Oxford Literary Festival 2013: Science and the Future part 2

15 April 2013

Portrait of Dr Anders Sandberg

with Dr Anders Sandberg
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Anders Sandberg is Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, Faculty of Philosophy and Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. He also holds an AXA Research Fellowship. He has a background in computer science, neuroscience an...

Portrait of Dr Paul Fairchild

with Dr Paul Fairchild
Associate Professor and Lecturer in Medicine

Oxford Martin Senior Alumni Fellow Paul Fairchild was Co-Director of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute from 2008-2015, which was funded by the Oxford Martin School during this period. After graduating in Biological Sciences at the University of Leiceste...

Oxford Martin School academics joined Oxford Literary Festival's Science and the Future event: 'Death - nothing more certain?' chaired by Georgina Ferry. Anders Sandberg and Paul Fairchild were among panellists discussing: Can we rejuvenate ourselves with spare parts grown in the laboratory? Can technology provide a longer-term substitute for living bodies and brains? For how long can - or should - the end be postponed?