Pro-bono legal expert sought to drive Net Zero Policy Monitor’s global impact

07 June 2024

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The Oxford Martin Programme on Net Zero Regulation and Policy is continuing its efforts to build legal and regulatory ground rules for a net zero-aligned global economy by sourcing expert pro-bono support.

At the centre of the programme’s work is the Net Zero Policy Monitor, an annual snapshot of the state of net zero-aligned policy and regulation. The Monitor will be more than just an inventory; it will be an evaluative tool that helps governments and economic actors alike understand the cumulative impact of net zero policy and identify where inconsistencies and oversights are undermining global efforts to reach net zero.

To accomplish this task, the Monitor is building a global network of leading law firms, who are pledging pro-bono hours to help map the state of net zero aligned regulation and policy worldwide.

To support in building this expert network, the Hub is looking for an Executive Director to join on a pro-bono basis. This person would work alongside a team of legal scholars and political scientists to support the Hub in making the Net Zero Policy Monitor a world-class resource for researchers, policymakers, and legal practitioners interested in aligning law and policy with climate-positive ambitions.

The prospective Executive Director should be ready to identify and inspire leading law firms to address climate challenges through pro-bono work with the Monitor. This will require a long and distinguished legal career, a wealth of existing knowledge about the legal landscape and profession, and a genuine interest in applying extensive legal experience in a new and meaningful way.

Once in post, the Executive Director will be an important component in the programme’s efforts to make the Monitor a vital part of the journey to net zero.