Efficient spin-up of Earth System Models using sequence acceleration

30 April 2024

Science Advances

Samar Khatiwala ,Efficient spin-up of Earth System Models using sequence acceleration.Sci. Adv.10,eadn2839(2024).DOI:10.1126/sciadv.adn2839

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Marine and terrestrial biogeochemical models are key components of the Earth System Models (ESMs) used to project future environmental changes. However, their slow adjustment time also hinders effective use of ESMs because of the enormous computational resources required to integrate them to a pre-industrial equilibrium. Here, a solution to this "spin-up" problem based on "sequence acceleration", is shown to accelerate equilibration of state-of-the-art marine biogeochemical models by over an order of magnitude. The technique can be applied in a "black box" fashion to existing models. Even under the challenging spin-up protocols used for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) simulations, this algorithm is 5 times faster. Preliminary results suggest that terrestrial models can be similarly accelerated, enabling a quantification of major parametric uncertainties in ESMs, improved estimates of metrics such as climate sensitivity, and higher model resolution than currently feasible.