Forthcoming Events

Date Details  
11 Sep 2014 16:00 "Alternative vaccine approaches to protect against influenza" with Prof Daniel Perez
18 Sep 2014 11:00 "Structure Guided Vaccine Design" with Dr Guillaume Stewart-Jones
13 Oct 2014 17:00 "Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies" by Prof Nick Bostrom Featured Register
20 Oct 2014 14:00 "Patents & technology transfer" by Dr Matthew Carpenter, Dr Jenny Atkinson & Dr Jonathan Myers
27 Oct 2014 17:00 "Gridlock and train crashes: what happens when the world loses the habit of cooperation" by Lord Patten of Barnes Featured Register
04 Nov 2014 13:00 "The role of national courts in applying international humanitarian law" Book Launch
10 Nov 2014 17:00 "The butterfly defect: how globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do about it" by Prof Ian Goldin Featured Register
18 Nov 2014 17:00 "Is the planet full?" - Panel discussion Featured Register